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It all started on a campground ...
#1 The Start
#2 The big AHA-Moment
#3 The Property Search
#4 The Remodeling
#5 The Result
#5 The 2-month PayOff
A couple of years ago, my wife and me planned our summer vacation a bit short notice.

Our location of choice, Italy, was sold out!

So we decided to give Croatia a shot.

We landed a container on a glamping site ( glamping = Luxurious camping ) near Novigrad in Istria, Croatia.

Not perfect, but it did the job!
We did the math and it changed everything ...
On the glamping, we paid a stunning 1.700€ for the first week and a still considerable 1.500€ for the second week.

So a whopping 3.200€ for living in a 20 sqm CONTAINER!

Now this got us going:

1. We estimated the costs for acquiring such a container to about 150.000€

2. Assuming you have a 12-weeks renting period with an occupancy of 90% and 1.500€ per week.

3. This total an annual revenue of 16.200€ and an annual all in yield p.a. of amazing 10.8%
I do own a penthouse flat in Munich, Germany that I am renting out.
The yield: 1.8%
vs 10.8% for a container (!!)
I started exploring Istria and Kvarner Bay.

I saw a pattern emerging after more than 60 viewings and calculations.

It was always the same:

1. Purchase a property for a moderate price
2. Rent it out at a premium rate
3. This totals a two digit annual yield
I had to act. Quickly!
Long story short:

I bought a beautiful apartment in the first floor of an hold house built in 1910.

It was in good condition, but not great. Not what I was dreaming of. So we decided to invest a whole fall season into remodeling.

The result?
Very satisfying!

I took over the apartment on July 1st, without any renovation. Without any preparation.

Just with simple and AirBnB optimization, I managed to dramatically increase the performance of this property compared to the year before.

I was able to make a total of well over 15.000€ in just 2 short months.

If you want to invest in good to great locations, holiday homes are the ONLY way to outstanding yields with considerable risk.

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"I always seek new avenues to invest in. I have invested in companies. I have invested in traditional residental real estate in Germany. But when Thomas introduced me into high-yield holiday home investments, I was literally blown away."
J. Böhm
Business Angel & Investor
"Thomas is really the one to go to when it comes to holiday home investments in Croatia. It is always surprising, but he seems to know really anybody out there to get access to the finest deals one can get."
J. Schätz
Blackbox Immobilien
"Thomas' secrets are straight forward. I  followed his advice. This helped my find, buy and rent out my property for a more or less 8% yield. Which is awesome, because I still find enough time to enjoy this awesome place myself with friends."
J. Rose
Croatia Home Owner
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